Sustainability Report


Mission and Vision

The Group’s core vision is to create living and working spaces that harmonise societies, businesses and people. We aspire to develop homes that resonate with consummate lifestyle choices, as well as industrial, commercial and hospitality properties that cater to the evolving needs of the local community.

Sustainability Philosophy

Sustainability is essential to the Group’s corporate philosophy and identity. We place a strong focus on good corporate governance as well as risk management practices throughout our value chain and across the entire organisation to achieve a sustainable and profitable business.

Committed to integrating sustainable practices into its business strategy, the Group has adopted industry best practices to establish a balanced and holistic approach to address the concerns of external and internal stakeholders to whom the Group strives to serve and partner with in the long term.

People, Community & Excellence

Our business success has been built upon three key pillars, namely People, Community and Excellence, enabling us to establish competitive strengths to stay ahead of competition. We remain nimble in keeping abreast of current trends and are dedicated to being a reliable as well as efficient real estate developer and investor. We are adaptive to new technologies by incorporating up-to-date smart features in our design to enhance buyers’ experiences in the end products we deliver.

The Group’s Sustainability Report documents TEE Land’s Economic, Environmental and Social (“EES”) related risks and opportunities in its overall business strategy, objectives and performance measurements, which has been endorsed by the Board of Directors. More information of the Group’s Sustainability Report can be found in TEE Land’s latest annual report [here].