Sustainability Report


Our commitment to embed sustainability into our business activities and maintain a high standard of sustainability management system governed by internal controls and risk management practices remain one of our top priorities. As an established property developer with a track record of delivering quality and well-designed living and working spaces, Amcorp Global Limited (formerly known as TEE Land Limited) (the “Company” or “Amcorp Global” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) remains committed to improve our sustainability performance that influence our business operations and stakeholders’ confidence.

The Company established its Sustainability Committee in 2018 to assess and review the performance of the relevant Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) material topics on our day-to-day business operations to ensure the long-term value of our sustainability management process. Engagement with our stakeholders continued in 2020 with material topics reviewed.

The Board maintains oversight of the Sustainability Committee as well as approval of all ESG topics as finalised in this 2020 Sustainability Report.


Amcorp Global continually engages with its key stakeholder groups. Engaging and addressing the concerns of our stakeholders enable us to strive for continual value creation for all stakeholders.

We continue to adopt a consistent and balanced process for the identification of key stakeholders who are material to our operations, businesses and management. The impact and nature of key stakeholder groups are evaluated using assessment parameters involving quantitative and qualitative matrices. The management has established multiple channels to engage and interact with key stakeholders on an ongoing basis, as well as provide timely and appropriate responses to address their inquiries and concerns.

We are committed to reviewing the relevance and significance of key stakeholders on at least an annual basis.


In FP2020, we held internal stakeholder discussions and reviewed our material topics in order to prioritise and be more focused on key areas in light of the Group’s operations and size. Our sustainability commitment and initiatives are based on three key pillars – Environment and Resource Management, Our People and Community and Social. We strive to ensure that these commitments are intrinsic in our approach towards business and our day-to-day operations.

Our internal controls and risk management practices across our value chain guide us in improving our sustainability practices while strengthening our long-term growth. Although our efforts are influenced by project complexity, we are committed to enhance the positive effects of our projects and avoid or mitigate the negative ones. Due to the nature of the construction business which typically is labour intensive and has a large environmental footprint, we have placed a strong focus on health and safety standards as well as environmental management best practices.

More information on Amcorp Global’s Sustainability Report can be found in the latest annual report.